Adding UK Employment Appeals to Vizlegal

We know everyone is working from home like us at Vizlegal — and as a team that has always worked remotely we’re conscious of how difficult…

UK employment tribunal

We know everyone is working from home like us at Vizlegal — and as a team that has always worked remotely we’re conscious of how difficult it can be! We wanted to let you know some of the things we’ve been doing to improve Vizlegal for everyone working from home. Here’s the headlines:

📚New Data: Following on from our addition of 60,000 UK Employment Tribunal decisions last month, we are pleased to today announce the addition of ~7,400 UK Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decisions from 1998 — today. This covers the two separate current UK EAT websites, one website for decisions from 1998–2015, and the other for 2015 onwards.

The 1998–2015 data contains decisions mostly in MS Word format, while the 2015-onwards data is mostly in PDF format. We have unified both sources to make them all simultaneously searchable, while also allowing you to read the decisions without having to download the document and open it in Word/Adobe. We think this saves lots of time and hassle for everyone.

This brings Vizlegal’s employment coverage to almost 120,000 decisions between the UK and Ireland — including our previously added 48,000 WRC/LC/EAT/ET decisions, which are fast and easy to search or track.

👓 Easier ways to read decisions

After feedback from customers we are making it easier to read decisions on mobile and desktop. Some of our sources publish decisions in PDF only, so we’ve added the ability to read decisions in other ways — including the original PDF (embedded), HTML, and plain text:

EAT UK employment tribunal PDF

We think this makes everyone’s life easier, and simpler to scan read new judgments too.

📅 More ways to alert

With the addition of UK EAT, there are now more sources to track. We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible with two features: Alerts and Daily Summaries.

We have added UK EAT as a new option to the Daily Summary Email in your settings. By selecting which sources you want Daily Summaries on, you can receive an email each morning with links to new decisions issued from any of the sources you select. This also includes seeing any new cases filed in the High Court — by proceeding type — in the prior 24 hours; or new judgments of the High Court published in the last 24 hours — and so on — as shown here:

vizlegal daily summary email for employment tribunal

We hope you like the features and new data. We’re always working on new features and adding more data — and we will have announcements on both fronts soon!

If you’re interested in the underlying data and exploring litigation data further please contact us for consultancy inquiries.

Best wishes,

The Vizlegal Team.