Embracing NewLaw: Transformative strategies and benefits for Law Firms

NewLaw is a modern term used in the legal sector. The present article explains its main characteristics. A vision that many law firms in Ireland, UK and the US are adopting as their own.

NewLaw characteristics - what your law firm need to know - Ireland, UK, US
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The world is changing and so is the law. A manifest fact when taking a wide approach through the present reality of the legal sector. In this debate, a phrase has been used many times: NewLaw.

This article will dive into the meaning of this new vision of the profession. A vision that many law firms in Ireland, UK, and the US are adopting as their own.

How did the term NewLaw arise?

Law had been following an almost linear path for more than 30 years. However, that changed in the last decade, since Eric Chin defined the term NewLaw in 2013. He defined it as any model, process, or tool that represents a significantly different approach to the creation or provision of legal services than what the legal profession traditionally has employed. That broke with BigLaw, the pyramid and partner system that prevailed in the largest law firms. 

Also, the pandemic meant a crucial inflexion point for the evolution of the legal services delivery system and the development of many ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Providers). 

Now, let’s have a closer look into the main characteristics of NewLaw, which are interconnected to draw an ambitious innovation landscape in the legal sector of Ireland, UK, the US and even the rest of the world. 

Technology makes the difference: the great benefits of adopting it as your best partner

NewLaw has a particular thing that differentiates it from the traditional ways: it integrates technology to achieve efficiency as its maximum. Thus, it is not just about using new technologies for your day-to-day tasks, but to implement it with a purpose of improving the final result and the productivity of the work. And keep doing it.

Over the past 10 years, many law tech and legal tech companies have entered the market to ease and enhance the way lawyers work. It has led the world to a time in which companies have just two options: evolve or die. Evolve is about embracing technology as your best partner for growth and die consists in resisting what you cannot avoid. It will happen anyway, so law firms must understand how to integrate technology in their tasks, letting them enrich their service.

We cannot talk about technology ignoring the AI disruption that exploded in 2022. Some might be sceptical about this, but the best way to deal with it is to be aware of this new factor and keep focused on what these tools can offer to your law firm.

And technology will lead you to the next NewLaw characteristic.

Results and efficiency above billable hours: generating more impact through a better service and more business as a consequence

For the traditional biggest law firms, often known as BigLaw, the main factor that established the price was the time needed to bring the service to the client. With NewLaw, this characteristic has changed.

NewLaw firms do not take for granted that the customer will pay just for the time employed to resolve his case. They understand that what really makes the difference is the success. The client hopes their needs to be appropriately met, and they will pay for that. 

Then, the key thing is to care about the final goal of the service. If your law firm succeeds to accomplish that, you have made a big evolution which differentiates your company from what it used to be and will make it more efficient and more client oriented. 

This leads us to the next point.

Problem-solving in the core of the service: understanding customer needs and pains

Many law firms in Ireland are evolving from an old model where they used to be the centre of the market to a new one were approaching the client needs is the key point. MHP Sellors represents a good example of this.

This is no longer just about the service you offer, but about what your buyer persona requires and wants. Every task your law firm undertakes should be aligned with this goal. What matters is to understand the pain, the needs and the problem that your client has and have it always in mind while you solve it. 

This NewLaw characteristic perfectly fits with the modern concept of marketing. Known as inbound, the company should always have in mind who is its ideal target and how to gain its trust.

Understanding your client is always a challenging journey, but it will be easier if you take in consideration the following point.

A different approach: the power of collaboration among firms and paralegal professionals

NewLaw has something new that completely breaks with everything that has been before: there are not just lawyers working in the legal sector. This change has already begun and will keep inevitably growing.

Software engineers, marketing specialists, business managers, journalists… All jobs have a place in this new reality. The key thing to have in mind is to serve the industry as a whole. With, again, the client-centric vision. Because the biggest challenge is to enhance the service for the customer and the society.

But this is not just about collaboration between law firms and external professionals. It is also about creating more synergies between all legal professionals to improve the sector. This is happening in all industries and the legal profession should be aware of it in order to survive and continue doing business.

How is Vizlegal helping law firms to integrate all these NewLaw advantages?

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As we embrace the evolving landscape of NewLaw, it's essential to stay at the forefront of innovation for a client-focused service.