Expanded Coverage: Irish Valuation Tribunal

Expanded Coverage:
Irish Valuation Tribunal
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Following on from our announcement last week of the addition of England & Wales Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decisions, we are very pleased to announce (πŸŽ‰) the next addition to our coverage, Valuation Tribunal decisions for Ireland. As the Tribunal states:

"The Tribunal is an independent body set up under the Valuation Act 1988, and continued by the Valuation Acts 2001 – 2015, to determine appeals against decisions of the Commissioner of Valuation on the valuation of commercial properties for rating purposes. The Valuation Tribunal and the Commissioner of Valuation/Valuation Office are separate bodies, independent of each other."

As always we've carried out additional work to make these decisions more readable, more searchable, more filterable and trackable into the future. Some stats:

  • The decisions span from 1988 to today
  • There are 2,525 decisions in total so far
  • We have made all text within every decision searchable
  • We have included a filter by judge/member and queryable by case number along with all property category and rating authority

We're rolling out access to customers, starting today.

Our recent expansions of coverage include:

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