Expanded coverage: Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

At Vizlegal we're on a mission to make legal information accessible - and that includes continuing to expand across both geographies and time.

To that end, we are very pleased to announce (🎉) the next addition to our coverage, Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decisions for England & Wales. As the Tribunal states:

"The Lands Chamber is a specialist tribunal responsible for determining many different types of dispute about land in England and Wales. As 1 of the 4 Chambers of the Upper Tribunal, it hears appeals from the decisions of specialist lower tribunals concerning land and property rights. It also determines cases which have not previously been considered by a lower tribunal, including claims for compensation for compulsory purchase of land or for damage caused by public works."

As always we've carried out additional work to make these decisions more readable, more searchable, more filterable and trackable into the future. Some stats:

  • The decisions span from 1999 to today
  • There are 1,819 decisions in total so far
  • We have made all text within every decision searchable, a feature unavailable on the official website
  • We have included a filter by judge/member and queryable by case number along with all categories and subcategories

We're rolling out access to customers, starting today.

Thank you,

The Vizlegal Team