New Feature:  Requesting High Court Orders

You can now order Court Orders via Vizlegal in just two clicks

New Feature: 
Requesting High Court Orders
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Hi everyone,

We have a handy new feature that we recently rolled out to all customers (with solicitors particularly in mind for this one!).

One problem we heard several times from solicitors was having to constantly and repeatedly write emails to request a copy of a High Court Order. We’re big fans of removing repetitive tasks and reducing the number of clicks to get work done — so to solve this we’ve added a button to any High Court Record where a Perfected Order exists.

A solicitor on record for that case can simply click the three-dot menu on the right (see image below), select which version of the Order they wish to get and our system will generate a pre-filled draft email in the user’s default email programme, addressed to the relevant Courts Service email address. Some quick edits and clicking send on your email will complete the task — saving lots of time and hassle.

We’ve already given access to several customers on a test basis and the feedback has been extremely positive! This feature is now available to all users, though note that Orders are generally only available to firms on record for each case.

More features announcements are coming soon!

Thank you,

The Vizlegal Team

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