Purchase England & Wales  High Court documents

You can now purchase England and Wales court documents via Vizlegal.

Purchase England & Wales 
High Court documents
Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya / Unsplash

We wanted to let everyone know about our latest feature. Vizlegal has a very large database of High Court cases details (“Records” or “Dockets” as they are sometimes known) in Ireland and England & Wales, numbering more than 832,000 between 1990 and today.

Our English data extends mainly back to 2010, and includes all available types (Queen’s Bench, Chancery etc), subtypes (Companies, Bankruptcy, Commercial etc). Users can follow cases from either jurisdiction and receive alerts to new Filings, Orders or Listings (or in the case of E&W, just Filings and Orders).

A feature of the English court system is the ability to purchase court documents, including Particulars of Claim, Claim Forms, Defence & Counterclaim etc. Just over 23,000 cases have at least one document available for purchase.

To save time and clicks you can now order these court documents directly through us — and we will send you the court documents when we receive them from HMCTS.

  • Click the ‘Buy Documents’ button on any case where documents are available to buy
  • Select the documents you want and then pay & order!

For example:

In Duke of Sussex v Associated Newspapers (Queen’s Bench Claims (QBD) QB-2022–000595

This feature is now live for all customers. Please feel free to browse and buy!